A retaining wall is a structure that is created to be used for holding in place, a mass of unstable earth. Retaining walls are used • To Obtain More Level Land and More Useable Space • To Keep Existing Land In Place or From Eroding • For Ascetic Reasons, they add Depth and Dimension • To Increase the Value of your Home

Several factors that will guide you in the selection process of which wall is right for you:

Economic Feasibility: Ties are the most economical, then the natural boulders. The interlocking block system is the most expensive.

Condition Permitting: Under certain conditions some walls might not be/or permitted to be erected due to off sets, limitation of space, or existing structures that might be too close to the wall.

Future Plans: How long are you going to reside at your current residence? If you will stay 25 years or longer, you might want to consider selecting a long-term type of retaining wall.

Ascetic Reasons: Personal Preferences.

The Four Main Types Of Retaining Walls Primarily Used Are:

  • Timber Tie Retaining Walls
  • Natural Boulder Retaining Walls
  • Interlocking Block System Retaining Walls
  • Jumbo Block Retaining Walls