Large, dead or dying trees lose stability and can easily fall, so they should be removed before they create a potential hazard.

Dead, dying or diseased trees can pose a threat to your home or property, especially when weather conditions are windy, rainy or snow and ice buildup. You do not want a large dead tree falling and damaging your property or your neighbor's. Proactive prevention can save you lots of money in the long run. Remove any dangerous trees or limbs now, before the big next wind or rain storm strikes and avoid costly property damage. If an accident does happen, TLC is equipped to clean up any damage quickly and safely.

You might also need to have living trees removed as well. The majority of the time a tree has become a nuisance or is in the way of property renovations, i.e. a pool, deck or driveway extensions. Sometimes a tree is growing too close to the home and could be causing foundation problems. Or a tree canopy has become too large and is blocking sunlight so that the other trees and grass cannot grow properly.

Only trained professionals should do tree removals. This is a dangerous process and should only be done by experienced professionals who are fully insured. We take precautions when removing trees near homes. All dangerous limbs and trunks are roped and slowly lowered after the cut is made, then gradually lowering the limbs to the ground a little at a time. We specialize in the removal of mature trees in confined spaces employing the latest lowering and rigging equipment. This equipment enables the Arborist (climber) to remove timber from trees over garages, walls and even house roofs to the amazement of the clients. TLC has all the appropriate equipment to remove any size tree living or dead.